Monday, April 6, 2015


Another post-gardenscape post to show you a couple of photos of my latest "acquisitions".  Gardenscape this year was the site for the annual meeting of the Canadian Orchid Congress. As as result, there was a separate art show that was all about orchids, and several orchid vendors.  For sale was a huge number of orchids that we don't often see for sale here in Saskatoon - and the best part was that they were available in small pots for anywhere from around the $10.00 mark and up. So it was possible, if you're an orchid enthusiast, to pick up a few small plants to try without breaking the bank. It was quite overwhelming actually.  There were soooooo many kinds to choose from that making a choice was extremely difficult.  Now, as someone who doesn't spend heaps of cash on clothes and "stuff" like that, I managed to talk myself into giving several of these little pots a new home.  Seen below are three of these poor, homeless orphans that I had to take home.

This is (are you ready?) Brassolaeliocattleya Ports of Paradise-Green.  (The system of naming orchids is very confusing at times, but it all means that it is a cattleya relative, and most people know what a cattleya looks like). It's basically green and yellow and at night fills the whole level of our house with a delicious vanilla type scent. Yum!

This guy is an Epicattyla, again a cattleya "relative" and is called Kyoguchi Happy Field. A field full of these little guys would be happy indeed. It has a cinnamon-y fragrance and is quite tiny.

 Finally, this is Dendrobium Lucky Girl and right now, the main stalk is covered with blooms - maybe 20 to 30 in total. No scent though, unfortunately, but still gorgeous.

All in all, I picked up a great many of these small plants. A couple of others have flower spikes, so I'm really looking forward to them producing. One in particular is one of the "spider" orchids and should have, with luck, a long, curved spike of several flowers that look very much like exotic spiders.

This all must sound pretty extravagant, but like I said, you just can't find these small plants here very often, so when you do find them....well......what can I say......

The rest of April will find me teaching a large class at Davidson and preparing a dog portrait for a friend. Will post more about these when they've happened.

So - the snow's gone (hopefully for several months!!) and the weather is a bit warmer every day, so it's definitely time to get outside. I'm fortunate in having a screened-in porch and am planning on spending every available minute working out there this summer. CAN'T WAIT!!!! Talk again soon.................donna