Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back Again.............

This has been a very busy few weeks. As well as my artwork, I'm on the board of the local Perennial Society and their big Plant Sale/Exchange is coming up on May 27/14 at the Forestry Farm. I'm the coordinator of this sale, so there's been quite a bit to do. Also, lucky me, I picked up the worst case of the flu I've ever had in my entire life. I won't go into the details but at one point, my husband had to hold me up so I could get from one room to another. This went on for what seemed like forever, but I finally started feeling human again about a week or 10 days later. This put me so far behind with everything that I was in a panic.  

I had been invited by the S'toon Quilters Guild to give a talk, which was scheduled for May 12. I had still been feeling a bit off, but hanging out with these ladies cured anything that was remaining. I gave my talk and had also brought along a couple of tables of goodies for them to see, everything from products/techniques that I use to a few pieces of my more recent work. They were so enthusiastic - there were many questions about my "stuff", about teaching, about everything. The entire experience was the high point of the week to that point. I want to thank the SQG once again for inviting me.

The next day I met with June Jacobs of Handwave Gallery and handed over several of my pieces for her to hang in her gallery. Ever since I started doing artwork in a more serious way, long before I started this kind of fiber art, I had always wanted to show at the Artisan Faire and have pieces in the Handwave Gallery. Never did I believe that after only one year of showing, I've managed to accomplish both of these things. Being in Handwave is a humbling experience to be sure. Have a look at their website and check out the caliber of artists there.....humbling for sure!  The following are some of the pieces that are at Handwave Gallery: Thank you June!!

 This is Bergenia and is based on a clump growing in my front yard. This is my newest piece.

This is Cranberry Flats Autumn. 

Dotted Blazingstar. A SK wildflower. Beaver Creek Conservation Area is packed with these guys in the summer.

Looking Up Through Autumn Leaves. This is from last autumn taken at Blackstrap. 

Also, hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I'll have two new pieces at the Craft Council Boutique. The Boutique has been remodeled and thanks to the hard work of Donna Potter and the other staff members, it looks amazing! They've opened up the back room and it's larger, brighter and everything has breathing room. They've done an excellent job. So - looking for a gift? That's a very good place to start.  These are some of the pieces that I have in the Boutique right now:

 On the Open Prairie. This looks a bit "orangy" on my screen - it isn't in person. 

Autumn Birches. This one has a bit of hand work in it.


Gone To Seed. This is one of the new pieces that will be at the Boutique in the next couple of weeks.

Well that's about it for today.  I really really will try to post more often in the future.  I now have virtually nothing in my inventory, so will have to work like a mad woman for the next few weeks.  I have been asked to be one of the Featured Artists at Anna Hergert's Open Studio at the end of June, so will now have all new work for that. I'm looking forward to this very much. It's always a really fun event and this time, my husband and I are considering making a bit of a holiday out of it. Let's hope for nice weather. 

See you soon................................donna