Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Pictures from my New Camera!!!

I've been taking time off artwork for the last few weeks trying to get some things done around the house and yard, but have managed to get out and take some new pictures for future artwork and especially, for a solo show coming in autumn of 2015. My birthday is also coming up in September and my husband Adrian bought me an early birthday present - a NEW CAMERA and a zoom lens.  I had been using his old camera - one of the first digital cameras by Canon.  This has served us both very well, but it's a fixed lens camera and I desperately wanted my own, brand new camera with a zoom lens. So, all of these pictures have been snapped with the new one.

Ok - here goes:  The first two pictures are from when I accompanied my friend Judy to a photo shoot west of the city last week. On the way, we encountered this old deserted house and out-buildings - the whole area was rich with wonderful wildflowers.

Don't you just LOVE thistles?!  This guy will definitely end up on one of my Art Cards. I really like the white tips on the ends of the flower spikes. There were several patches of these right around the old house above.

On a very windy day, what are the chances of getting a picture in focus, let alone the visitor that happened by just at the right time. 

Last week I went to visit my daughter and came across this most incredible flax field. I nearly drove right past and just caught a flash of blue - hit the brakes and stopped to take as many pictures as I could. It was soooo very very blue and I was surprised that I was the only person who even seemed to notice. Flax fields seem to be few and far between, so when I happen on one, I take dozens of pictures.

Another shot of the same flax field. My husband and I drove past it again a couple of days later and the blue had faded to a very pale, almost unnoticeable color. I guess I was just lucky!

The same day that Adrian and I were out with our cameras, we happened on a wonderful slough. This place was off a road off a road off the highway and I seriously doubt if we could ever find it again, but caught a good few pictures of the water birds. This is an American Avocet. There were several species of water fowl enjoying the bugs on offer. yum!
For anyone interested in insects, in particular dragonflies, damselflies, etc., this seems to be the year. Despite the wind, my camera managed to get several good captures of this guy. I managed to find a really good book on these wonderful creatures at McNally in Saskatoon. I had no idea there were so many different types. 

And the last one for today is yet another slough taken when I was out with Judy.  I adore bull rushes and this site was loaded!

That's all for this post. I'm going to be quite busy in the next few weeks madly stitching for the upcoming show season. I have very little completed artwork in stock, and have 4 committments between September and December, so will have to put my nose to the grindstone and get it done! (where did that expression come from anyway-wouldn't you have a skinned nose??)

Ok - till next time........................donna