Thursday, April 2, 2015

Back to Work!!

First things first.  Thank you to those of you who purchased my work at Gardenscape.  I always appreciate the fact that you have c chosen one of my pieces, especially in an environment were so much really excellent artwork was exhibited.  I understand too that one of these pieces is headed for England.  I have a few pieces "living" over there now. 

And so now it's back to work.  The next few months will see me preparing for a large class in Davidson, getting pieces ready to submit to a couple of upcoming shows/exhibits, stitching enough work for two exhibits of my work, not to mention all of the usual shows/sales that I take part in on a yearly basis.  Getting ready for September will be the big challenge.   Both of my exhibits overlap and also, Art at Solar Gardens enter into the mix too.  My exhibits run from mid-August to September 24 at Handwave Gallery in Meacham and the other takes up the months of September and October.  As well, I have a commission to thread paint a friend's dog.  This is a very special dog who will be challenging to stitch, with a blonde wavy coat and lovely face. I'm looking forward to doing this piece very much.

My exhibit at Handwave Gallery is entitled "Leaf-Shoot-Tree-Root" and will concentrate on all things from the earth. If it grows, it's fair game!  I have lots of ideas for this exhibit and want to include a few materials that I haven't used in many years.  The name for the show, by the way, came from my pal Judy Wood and seemed perfect for what I had in mind to stitch.

I have a few pieces left from Gardenscape that are still for sale.  These are:

  Dotted Blazingstar. It's a SK Wildflower that          grows freely in many locations.

  This piece is 6x4 and is in a frame measuring   9x10.

This Lily is Salmon Star. It measures 7x5 and is framed.  The little knobs are done in French knots by hand. It is also framed.

  This Lily is an oriental that is also 7x5" and framed.

Anyone interested in purchasing any of these could contact me by email at or call me at 306-665-9182.  I can deliver in the Saskatoon and neighbouring communities.