Monday, December 7, 2015

Closing in on the End of the Year

Show season is now over for me.  This past weekend marked the 41st Sundog show and sale and my third time in attendance.  I had the usual thread paintings and Christmas cards but this year took along a couple of artist books, mostly to see what the reaction to them might be.  Generally speaking, people liked them, so I'll be working on more of them to add to my line of stitched goodies.  I had also managed to stitch up a few new larger pieces after the Artisan Show and took them along as well.  So, as well as many others, the following is a brief example of what I had at Sundog this year:

These are a few of the postcards, which were primarily Christmas-type cards.

 This is one of my newer pieces.  It's titled "Moss" and shows a fallen log covered in moss.

This is titled Lichen Study II and is one of several trees that I photographed out at Blackstrap.  For some reason, these trees were covered with lichen, moss and fungi and were all in a group together. There was very little of the actual bark showing through.  I seem to have a preference for lichen, fungi and moss. 

These are two of the artist books.  The covers are silk paper and they're held together with ribbon or decorative cord to make them easy to refill.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased my art at both the Artisan show and Sundog.  Your very positive feedback keeps me working and striving to get better.  Your wonderful compliments and encouragements are music to my ears. 

This marks the end of my third year of showing and selling. I have one or two commissions still to complete and after that, I'm excited to get back to some playtime and experimentation.  I've been doing animal portraits in the past year or two and the coming year will see me stitching "people" portraits too.  Also I've been working on 3-dimensional pieces and hope to be able to have this technique perfected to the point where I can produce vessels, boxes and other things of this nature. 

With that in mind, I'm looking forward to the coming year very much.  I'll likely do one more blog post this year with a look back at some of the work I've produced, but that won't happen for a couple of weeks yet.   

This coming Friday, December 11th will be the Reception for the Dimensions Show which will be held in Saskatoon at the SK Craft Council's Affinity Gallery from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Come out and have a look at some wonderful Saskatchewan artwork. 

Until then, enjoy our mild winter and drive safely.