Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It's been a very fast few months.  I feel like I've been working non-stop since about March, but am now in the home stretch with only one more show/sale to go, that being Sundog.

In August/September, I had two solo exhibitions.  One was at the Meewasin Valley Centre - this venue sees a lot of traffic and the people at Meewasin are really great to work with, so any of you artists who wants a place to hang your work for a couple of months, keep it in mind.  I believe they're in the process of lining up next year's gallery, so contact them if you're interested.  Thank you Doug and Amanda for all your help with this.

Also in August I had a solo exhibition at the Handwave Gallery in Meecham.  For this exhibit I stitched up some more unusual pieces, such as:

A very impressive tree with lichen and moss.

Bird's Eye View (or half of a dandelion)

Pffft!!! (Because nothing else seemed quite right!)

Rooted and Bird's Eye View are now sold.  I also had the following two at Handwave and these two are sold also.  I'm especially fond of them and might do up a copy for my own (bare) walls.

On The Last Day was the picture on the postcard announcing my exhibition.  I really love this piece as it's one of the first ones where I stitched in the whole sky.  People have asked me about the "last day" - the last day of what?  Well, it could be the last day of anything you want it to be-the last day of summer, the last day of your holiday - it means different things to different people.

This piece is A Painted Field.  The inspirational photo was taken on one of the side roads out near Pike Lake.  I loved the big bales and this one turned out reasonably well.

This past weekend was the Artisan Show and Sale and was held at the German Club.  As usual, it was a terrific show.  A few of the pieces I had exhibited at this show are:'

 Pouff.  Again, nothing else seemed quite right. I think there must be lots of dandelion lovers out there.  This piece is available.

This is Flaming Chokecherry.  This has a lot of depth and appears quite 3-dimensional.  This is also available.

This is Pike Lake Lilies and is 8x8 (size of artwork). After driving to Pike Lake a great many times this summer trying to get good photos of the water lilies, we were finally rewarded with hundreds of them. Available.

Late September is the title of this piece.  The inspirational photo for this one was taken out at Blackstrap a year or so ago.  It has been sold.

Finally, this is West of Meacham.  On a side road off the highway just west of the town was a field of canola and several old buildings.  It was very picturesque, so was definitely worth stitching. This one is 5x5 and is available.

It's been made clear to me that I really do need a website, so in the next couple of weeks, or at least right after Sundog, I'll be dusting off my notes and getting down to it.  I'll also be posting on this blog more frequently. 

I'd like to sincerely thank all of the people who purchased my work, both at my exhibitions and at Artisan.  I would also like to thank everyone who was so generous with their kind words and hugs at Artisan - a most unexpected and appreciated gesture.  I do this work because I love it and having you invest your hard earned dollars in it is very humbling. You make me want to get better and better.  Cheers.......Donna

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