Saturday, April 5, 2014


Gardenscape is now over and done for yet another year.  The weather, with the exception of one day, was terrible, especially when the whole idea of Gardenscape is to bring about thoughts of spring....of gardening....hmmmm...hard to do when it's snowing.  Anyway, the Art Show was reasonably well attended and I managed to sell a few pieces. 

 This is Grandma's Pansy and was so-named because my Grandmother loved blue pansies and always had them in her garden. This piece is sold.

On the Rocks  is still available.  It certainly attracted a lot of attention at Gardenscape. Email me if you're interested in this piece. The artwork is 10" x 8" and is framed to 15" x 12". It sells for $280.00


This piece is sold also, in fact, I think I could have sold it about 50 times!  I don't think I have ever done any work that has attracted quite so much attention.

This is The Dandelion-gone to Seed and is available. It measures 7" x 5" for the artwork and is framed to 12" x 10".  I'm asking $185.00

This is also available for $190.00. It's called Oriental Lily, measures 7"x5" for the art, framed to 12"x10".

This is Dotted BlazingStar and was inspired by the multitude of these flowers growing at the Beaver Creek Conversation Area.  It measures 6"x4", is framed to 10"x11" and sells for $115.00.

 I have a few more pieces available and will post them next week.

While at Gardenscape last weekend, I was asked by a woman to reproduce a piece that had already been sold.   Although I was quite prepared to do another version for her, it seemed that she wanted the exact same image.   I will do commissions, but I won't do duplicates of a piece already sold, regardless of size.  I sell my work as original art and just don't feel it's original if I'm selling duplicates.  I also don't feel it's fair to the person who has purchased the original.  Once I've used one of my pictures in an art piece, it's permanently retired. I'm sorry if some people find this annoying, but I assure you, I have hundreds of pictures and if you find one that you like, I have LOTS more and can make it up into a thread painting that's unique to you. 

Now that Gardenscape is finished, I have a talk to prepare, a few pieces to finish for a gallery and then I've promised myself the summer in my garden. I've just started my second year of showing and am very pleased with the way my art has been received.  I've met a great many other artists and have to say that, for me, getting togther with these people is the high point of Gardenscape. These people were a tremendous support to me last year at Gardenscape 2013, which was the very first art show for my stitched pieces. I was very glad to see all of them back this year, with a few new, welcome additions. I hope we can get together in between art shows in the coming months!

I intend to post more regularly in the coming weeks.  I find it difficult to justify spending time on my computer when I have work to complete, and so I'm afraid my blog gets neglected. But I am planning on getting a website put together in the near future or possibly an Etsy shop. Who knows.....but I do know that it's nearly time to get out the camera for the spring season and seeing as how the Beaver Creek Conservation Area and Cranberry Flats are basically my "front yard", I'll definitely be spending lots of time there. I have a fairly major project on the back burner and will tell you about that when plans are more concrete.

Ok - I'll post more in a week or so. Look for more of my work by the end of April at the SK Craft Council Boutique............................................................................donna