Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'll Try This One More Time.......

On my last post, I had posted a couple of pictures of the last two pieces I had completed.  They looked OK in the preview, but when I looked at my blog from a different computer (actually, a couple of different computers), the colors were horrible. The lichen on the rocks was glowing orange and while in real life, they were very orange, the colors in this post reeked of  Halloween.  I've never had a problem with color before, so I deleted them from the post and tried again. So, I hope they look a little more realistic than the previous ones.

 Well, this still doesn't look quite right to me, but at least they don't glow in the dark. This picture was taken last spring on an outing with my pal Judy. We had found a very hilly location that was loaded with crocus clumps and incredible rocks. This pair just begged to be photographed. There were lots of other rocks in the area as well and I think I took a picture (or two, or three) of every single one of them. I really do love rocks.

This is Amaryllis papillio and was growing happily in my kitchen for most of December, along with several others.

For those of you not on the Canadian prairies, you'll likely be shocked to hear that it's still extremely cold. By that, I mean in the -30's overnight and added to that is the windchill factor, which can put us in the -50C range. Chilly in anyone's language! It makes traveling something of a challenge and this Friday, I head to Moose Jaw, SK to teach a workshop on Thread Painting. The class is pretty nearly full and I'm looking forward to it very much. I've been getting materials together for awhile now and am happy to be ready. My friend Mary is also driving down with me to take the class, so it will be good to have some company. We're both staying in a really beautiful B&B that's in an old house filled with antiques. I might want to stay!!!

That's it for this post. I have another piece in progress and will post it when completed. It's one that I've tried before and never quite got it right, so am trying it again - so far, so good. Hopefully, I will be able to get posts up on Fridays. Gardenscape in Saskatoon is at the end of March, and I have to get a few more pieces ready for that, as well I have a gallery commitment, so I should be producing pretty regularly for the next month.

Ok - stay warm and stay safe. Cheers........................donna